The National Program for Small and Medium Enterprises is concerned with the advancement and support of small and medium enterprises in Libya, which is a non-profit organization and works to spread the culture of leadership and creativity and attract entrepreneurial and innovative ideas who want to develop their projects or who wish to establish projects Small and medium-sized new ones and helping them to implement their projects by providing the necessary technical support and advisory services through its technical arms, which are represented in incubators and business centers distributed throughout Libya, with the aim of achieving spatial development and supporting the national economy, and creating opportunities for For new unemployed.

The Message

Providing effective knowledge and technical support and creating an appropriate business environment for creativity and innovation to ensure the excellence, growth and development of small and medium enterprises to contribute to the diversification of the national economy to achieve prosperity for Libyan citizens

The Vision

A leading development institution and house of expertise that contributes to the spread of culture Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in society Open in Google Translate

The objectives of the national program for small and medium enterprises

  • Spreading a culture of leadership and initiative in society to create and encourage applicable ideas
  • Contribute to improving the competitiveness of the Libyan economy by supporting entrepreneurs to form economic projects for goods and services of high added value
  • Maximizing the role of the private sector in the economic development process
  • Exploiting natural resources and converting them into highly valuable materials
  • Spreading a culture of quality to create a competitive capacity for small and medium enterprises
  • Inclusion of youth and women in various economic and social activities
  • Achieving economic partnership between the public and private sectors
  • Contribute to achieving spatial development

Terms of reference for the national program for small and medium enterprises

Resolution No. (73) of 2011 defined the following competencies for the national program for small and medium enterprises: Cooperation with all relevant authorities to spread the culture of leadership and initiative.
  • Encouraging and facilitating the establishment of small and medium enterprises by proposing the necessary procedures for that
  • Collecting information related to entrepreneurship development and sponsoring small and medium enterprises and conducting the necessary studies in cooperation with the relevant local and international agencies
  • Cooperation and coordination with small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Organizing local and international conferences, seminars and exhibitions related to the activity of the program and participating in it in coordination with the competent authorities
  • To propose and diversify the sources and mechanisms of specialized financing for small and medium enterprises
  • Training and qualification of national cadres in the field of establishing and developing existing and new projects, managing incubators and business centers and other structures supporting SMEs
  • Attracting and training entrepreneurs and providing them with technical and economic consultations, helping them to establish their projects, obtaining financing, and linking them with the relevant authorities.
  • Implementing programs for updating and developing small and medium projects to improve the methods of management, structuring, human resources and marketing in cooperation with local and international agencies in a manner that guarantees improvement in performance and increases competitiveness.
  • Cooperating with local and international agencies to develop and implement joint programs to support small and medium enterprises and link them to external markets
  • To suggest and implement material and moral incentives to encourage inventors and initiators, incentives and benefits granted to distinguished projects.
  • Establish incubators, business centers, and other units that achieve the objectives of the program
  • Contribute to knowledge and technology transfer programs.
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