Business centers specialize in spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and promoting the spirit of initiative among the various segments of society, especially young people in different universities and institutes and helping them to establish small and medium projects and helping those who wish to develop their existing projects by providing technical consultations and preparing feasibility studies and other things that contribute to the advancement of the national economy and provide job opportunities and development Overall.

The national program for small and medium enterprises includes (9) business centers that are currently working and providing services for entrepreneurs, and the program is working to establish other business centers in cooperation with the municipal councils

Existing business centers
Business centers under construction

Existing business centers:

Tripoli Business Center

Benghazi Business Center

Misurata Business Center

Sabha Business Center

Gharyan Business Center

Gharyan Business Center

The Zintan Business Center

Women Business Center

Business center for people with special needs

Business centers under construction:

Derna Business Center

Al-Ajeelat Business Center

Tobruk Business Center

Corner Business Center

Consulting services provided to all entrepreneurs in business centers

  • Assigning a follow-up advisor to the project owner from registration until the project is referred for funding
  • Formulate the idea of ​​the project after giving the entrepreneur the first session (entrepreneurship) to become a project that can be implemented
  • Responding to all questions raised by the idea owner, from legal, marketing, financial, and other procedures
  • Assist the entrepreneur in collecting data and information related to his project that are related to market study and technical and financial studies
  • Carry out field visits to similar projects and institutions related to the type of project activity as needed
  • Preparing the economic feasibility study in cooperation with the owner of the project idea after granting him the second session (economic feasibility studies)
  • The project owner was given entrepreneurial and specialized training according to the project’s field of work, according to the capabilities
  • Referral of studies to the Finance and Technical Support Department to obtain appropriate funding from the competent authorities

Business center activities and programs

The activities and work programs implemented by the business centers include the following:

1. Attracting entrepreneurs

Business centers work to attract business leaders from different segments of society and invite them to take advantage of the services provided by these centers through introductory campaigns that are implemented by universities and institutes, etc., or through annual exhibitions in which they participate, or through interviews that take place in some audio-visual and other programs.

2. Evaluating and developing the project idea

The idea of ​​a pilot project that he registered at the business center is studied through the assignment of a consultant who helps him throughout his communication with the center, and the leadership and generation of ideas course enables him to study his project idea.

3. Conducting an economic feasibility study for projects

The economic feasibility study of projects, to know the feasibility of establishing the project or not, after the entrepreneur accepts the course of the economic feasibility study and after collecting all data and information on the market and the costs of the project and others.

4. Providing a package of entrepreneurial training courses

From the training courses to the entrepreneur who has the idea of ​​the project to qualify him and prepare him well preparation and enable him to implement and manage his project correctly. These courses include the following:
  • Creativity and idea generation: It focuses on choosing project ideas and knowing the opportunities available in the Libyan market.
  • The project and its financial and technical needs.
  • A course in the field of project management: to acquire the skill of project management and implementation in the right way.
  • Business: a summary of the project idea, plan, and needs, presented in a single paper.
  • Laws and Legislations Course: It clarifies the regulations and legislations related to small and medium enterprises.

5. Providing specialized training courses

Business centers are a number of professional training courses specializing in several different fields that enable the trainee after receiving them to set up a small or micro-craft project.

7. Cooperate with civil society institutions with business, activities and initiatives related to entrepreneurship, and cooperate with relevant local and international authorities

8. Participation in holding and attending conferences, workshops, seminars and exhibitions

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