Tripoli Business Center

The Tripoli Business Center is an institution that follows the national program for small and medium enterprises. It aims to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit among youth and spread a culture of self-reliance and help them to establish new projects or expand existing projects to help To advance the national economy and create jobs.

Our Message

Supporting the establishment of MSMEs by creating a business environment that helps enable entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful, competitive and growth projects.


A leading center in the region that provides high-quality support and support services for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in various fields of projects.


  • Spreading a culture of entrepreneurship amongst young people to encourage them to establish and establish private projects.
  • Providing young entrepreneurs with the skills and experience necessary to enter and compete in the labor market.
  • Providing a positive environment for experts, consultants and infrastructure for entrepreneurs to help establish their projects and give them high chances of success.

Our services

Tripoli Business Center provides various services for investors in small and medium entrepreneurial projects, whether new or existing, and providing the necessary administrative, technical and financial consultations to ensure the success of the project. The services include the following: < / span>

  • Development of innovative ideas: The center provides advice to develop innovative ideas to create entrepreneurial projects that serve the local community and meet the needs of the national market in a manner that is commensurate with the qualifications and capabilities of the investor.
  • Training for entrepreneurs: The Center trains entrepreneurs on everything required for the project work process and qualifies them in terms of developing an entrepreneurial spirit and studying the feasibility of projects and managing them.
  • Preparation of the economic feasibility study and work plan: The Tripoli Business Center undertakes the preparation of the feasibility study for the project in line with the market situation and the requirements of the project technically and financially.
  • Linking between economic feasibility and work plan: The center works to secure a communication channel between entrepreneurs and financing institutions so that they can obtain financial facilities from financing agencies that suit their projects.
  • Advice and guidance: The center provides advice and technical and administrative advice and guides entrepreneurs towards achieving the required goals of their projects.

After financing services

  • Follow up projects with periodic field visits to ensure their success.
  • Providing the ideas, information and advice necessary to maintain the continuity and development of the project.
  • Improve the skills of entrepreneurs and technicians to reach out to all segments of society and ensure the success of the project.

Application form for a training course

You can register for the training course held next January through
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Application form for a training course

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