IT and Communications Business Incubator

who are we

The Information and Communications Technology Incubator is an institution that follows the national program for small and medium enterprises and aims to encourage creative entrepreneurs and young people and provide them with the necessary support in establishing their innovative projects in the field of information and communication technology.

Why the incubator?

The incubators in the world have recognized the importance of their vital role in protecting new projects from failure and helping them to start on sound foundations by providing technical support and expertise.

The message

Supporting the establishment of small and medium enterprises to contribute to establishing a promising IT sector by creating a business environment that helps enable entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful, competitive and growth projects.


A leading incubator in the region providing high-quality support and support services for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the field of information and communications technology.


  • Spreading a culture of entrepreneurship among young people in the field of information and communications technology.
  • Providing young entrepreneurs with the skills and experience necessary to enter and compete in the labor market.
  • Providing a positive environment for experts, consultants and infrastructure for entrepreneurs to help establish their projects and give them high chances of success.
  • Supporting the transformation of innovative and distinct ideas into investment products that contribute to supporting the ICT sector in Libya.

Our services

Innovative projects are incubated within the incubator’s headquarters between one and three years, during which the project owner is supported through several stages as needed, such as writing a business plan, developing a project idea, and forming a work team And to provide specialized training and help in marketing the product to graduate after that project and work as an independent economic entity, ready to integrate into the labor market.

  • Providing legal, administrative, technical and marketing consultations
  • Developing marketing and promotional research skills.
  • Continuous monitoring and support, and providing various aspects of support for the development and success of the project.
  • Connecting with existing projects and the business sector
  • Marketing and promotion of incubated projects and their products.
  • Help to participate in local and international exhibitions.
  • Connecting the project owner to regional and international partner incubators.
  • We provide information and advice for entrepreneurs and innovative people.
  • We train entrepreneurs in project management and feasibility studies.
  • We provide management, technical and economic consulting.
  • We provide a launch grant for the project, according to our capabilities.
  • We support the owner of the project with the financing institutions.

Internal incubation services

If your project is innovative and highly valued, we provide you with:
  • Fully equipped office workspace and meeting room.
  • Computers, printing and copying.
  • Communications and connectivity to the Internet (Internet)
  • Secretarial services.
  • Continuous update by expert experts.
  • Specialized technical training as desired.
  • Preparing feasibility studies and business plans.
  • Facilitate communication with state institutions.
  • Help protect intellectual property rights

Project selection criteria:

The requirements for a legitimate incubation request are met:

  • The project idea is innovative and applicable, and has a direct need in the community.
  • That the applicant (staff) demonstrate his ability and enthusiasm in implementing the project.
  • The project adopts information and communications technology.

Project incubation mechanisms:

  • meet the criteria, fill out the form, and submit a project proposal and a simplified study of the economic viability of the project.
  • The feasibility study and the budget in its final form are presented to the committee members for evaluation, and to consider the approval of the project to incubate.
  • signature of the seat, at which point the incubation stage begins.

Who are the targets

  • Graduates from universities and higher institutes.
  • ICT engineers and technicians working in the public and private sectors.
  • Existing companies operating in the field.

Incubation Advantages:

  • Reducing start-up and legal registration costs
  • Reducing business risks associated with the early stages of project start-up.
  • Avoid mistakes and reduce duplication of effort, which leads to cost pressure.
  • Finding appropriate solutions to the technical, financial, administrative and legal problems facing the project
  • Increasing success rates, encouraging distinguished ideas.
  • Ensuring the continued activity and development of the incubated institutions.
  • Helping organizations reach new types of products or new areas of activity.
  • Strengthening the concept of cooperation between projects.

Memberships / Partnerships

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